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New Academic Year - New Quilgo for Education

September 1, 2023


Today a new academic year starts which means new goals, new challenges, new achievements and a lot of excitement!

At Quilgo, we are thrilled to let you know what can we offer today for education.

  • Paste an article and generate a test instantly
  • Import questions using our new universal format
  • Show a single question at a time to your students
  • Set a start time and submission deadline
  • Restrict self-registration to your domain
  • Use automatic response submission
  • Create a section with a bank of questions and enable question randomization
  • Generate personal test reports and download PDFs
  • Download extended data, like the exact time the answer was given. Can Google do that? We doubt so.
  • Get insights: spot knowledge gaps instantly and see the overall class performance. Coming soon!

Phew, that was a lot! Quilgo is now a standalone product, with its own forms engine, tweaks and perks. Give it a go, 50 free tests are on us!

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Generate assessments from text, articles and educational materials

August 9, 2023

Quilgo AI Question Generator

A few months ago we announced our AI quiz generator release.  Today we are making a big step forward in helping you to create beautiful professional online assessments in literally seconds.

Imagine you have a piece of text or educational material that you need to conduct an online assessment on. How much time would you need to spend on constructing questions, thinking of options lists etc? Well, now you would need a few seconds to generate an online assessment from text, educational material or an article.

To use the feature click the "Create Quiz" button in your Quilgo Dashboard and choose "Generate from material". Paste a piece of text, click "Generate", tune according to your needs and you have an online test ready to be sent.

Make sure your online quizzes are relevant and unique so your assessment process becomes unbiased, starts generating top-quality results, and never takes hours from your time.

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Meet the new "Focused" quiz mode!

August 2, 2023

Quilgo Focused Quiz Mode

You asked us many times "Can I show one question at a time in my quizzes"? We can now proudly say "Yes, now you can". Our new "Focused" quiz mode not only renders a single question per page, but also allows navigating through the quiz seamlessly.

In online quizzes, it's better to show one question at a time rather than many questions together. This simple approach has several advantages that make learning easier and more effective. Let's explore why it's a good idea:

Pay Better Attention

When you see only one question, it's easier to focus and understand it. You won't get distracted or overwhelmed, which helps you give a better answer.

Less Stress

Having one question at a time lowers anxiety. You can take your time, think clearly, and answer without worrying about missing anything.

Remember More

By focusing on one question, you can remember the information better. It helps your brain make connections and keeps the knowledge in your mind longer.

No Guessing

When faced with multiple questions together, you might guess or pick randomly. But with one question at a time, you think more carefully and give honest answers.

Instant Feedback

Getting immediate feedback on each answer helps you learn faster. You know what you got right and where you need improvement.

Easy to Use

Online quizzes with one question at a time are user-friendly and enjoyable. You won't get confused, and they work well on phones and tablets too.

Summarizing, showing one question at a time in online quizzes is a smart choice. It helps you focus, remember better, and reduces stress. With immediate feedback and a friendly design, it makes learning more effective and enjoyable. So, next time you take an online quiz, remember the power of simplicity!

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🇮🇩 Quilgo now supports Indonesian language!

July 12, 2023

Quilgo in Indonesian

We have a huge Indonesian user community so Quilgo now supports Bahasa.

Having all the buttons, labels, captions, descriptions and instructions in your native language is crucial for your work. That's why Quilgo now officially supports Bahasa language.

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NEW FEATURES: Quiz import, option shuffling and more!

July 3, 2023

Quilgo quiz import and option shuffling features

Along with the option shuffling, which is a huge improvement to Quilgo Forms, we also now support quiz import.

Imagine you have a quiz in a document or a spreadsheet and you want to conduct an online version of it with Quilgo. Now, instead of clicking and typing each question manually, you can use our import feature that makes things like 100x faster.

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💃 Quilgo is now fully translated into Spanish!

June 19, 2023

Quilgo in Spanish

You asked this so many times and here we are!

We understand how important it can be to have all the buttons, captions and instructions in your native language. This is why Quilgo now officially supports Spanish language!

Here is how to switch to Spanish:

  • Find the switch on the top of every public page like Our Guide
  • Go to Your Dashboard, open the account settings and change the language
  • Your test takes will also be able to instantly change the language to Spanish!

It's that easy! We wish you the most productive day and looking forward to see you on board!

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😻 Generate quizzes and conduct online assessments with the power of AI

May 17, 2023

Quilgo AI Quiz and Online Assessment Generator

Recently we announced our upcoming AI quiz generator release  and... There it is! We created this feature because building online quizzes are... well... tough! Especially at the start when your head is so overcrowded with ideas. So, why not save lots of time and effort and generate a simple quiz based on your topic and have something basic for pixel-perfect tuning? Exactly.

While we are already very excited to provide this feature to you, this is just the start. We are already looking into other parts of our service where you can benefit from AI so you have the best online assessment conduction experience ever. So, stay tuned!

Here is how you can start using Quilgo today:

👩‍💻 Having a team? Assess their tech, safety, social or team working skills.
🔍 Hiring? Increase the quality of the candidates you interview.
👨‍🎓 Educating someone? Run homework, tests and exams on any subject.
✨ ...turn on your imagination!

Quilgo works great for businesses, recruiting, and education. You can build online quizzes with a timer, add media, enable question randomization, set a start time and a deadline, turn the automated camera and screen AI proctoring on, send a single link to your test takers, get and download reports.

📺 Here is how Quilgo works: Watch 3-minute video

💎 You don't need to request a demo, install anything, speak to sales etc. Join now and one moment later you have your own online assessment ready to use. Yep, just like this!

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⌛ New feature: Submission deadline

May 7, 2023

You asked for it so many times, here it goes! We are introducing the Submission Deadline  feature that opens doors to a great variety of use cases in terms of how you set your online assessments up. Below we show a few examples of how the feature can be used:

Use caseStart TimeDurationSubmission Deadline
Online exam10:0060 min11:00
Daily training task00:0060 min23:59
Remote interviewStart any time60 min16:00

The Submission Deadline is a "hard deadline" option, which means, it has priority over the duration. For example, if the deadline is 16:00, the duration of the online test is 1 hour, but the respondent starts the test at 15:40, then they would only have 20 minutes to take the test, not 1 hour. We hope you find this feature helpful!

Deadlines play a crucial role in online assessments, whether it's a quiz, an exam, or an assignment. Setting a deadline is a way to ensure that students complete the task on time and that the grading process is fair and consistent for all students. In this article, we will discuss how deadlines can be used effectively in online assessments.

  1. Encourage timely completion: Deadlines help to encourage timely completion of assessments. They create a sense of urgency that motivates students to prioritize their work and complete the task on time. This is especially important in online assessments where students have more flexibility in their schedules and may be prone to procrastination.
  2. Facilitate planning: Setting deadlines allows students to plan their work and allocate time accordingly. This helps them to avoid last-minute cramming and ensures that they have enough time to review their work and make any necessary corrections before submitting.
  3. Promote fairness: Deadlines ensure that all students are evaluated on the same criteria, as they are given equal amounts of time to complete the assessment. This promotes fairness in grading and reduces the risk of bias or discrimination.
  4. Provide structure: Deadlines provide structure and help students to manage their time effectively. This is especially important in online assessments, where students are often working independently and may need more guidance to stay on track.
  5. Support assessment design: Deadlines can be used to support the design of assessments, ensuring that they are well-constructed and aligned with learning objectives. For example, setting a deadline for an essay may help to ensure that students focus on the most important points and avoid unnecessary details.
  6. Prevent cheating: Deadlines can be used as a deterrent to cheating. If students are given an adequate amount of time to complete an assessment, they are less likely to seek unauthorized help or resources during the process.
  7. Encourage time management skills: Deadlines provide an opportunity for students to practice and develop their time management skills. This is a valuable skill that will serve them well in their academic and professional careers.

Deadlines play an important role in online assessments. They help to encourage timely completion, facilitate planning, promote fairness, provide structure, support assessment design, prevent cheating, and encourage time management skills. By setting appropriate deadlines, instructors can ensure that online assessments are effective and meaningful tools for evaluating student learning.

Deadlines are not only important in online assessments for students but also for online interviews. Just like in assessments, deadlines help to provide structure and encourage timeliness in the interview process. Here are some ways in which deadlines can be used effectively in online interviews:

    Encourage timeliness: Deadlines can be used to encourage candidates to be punctual and arrive on time for their online interview. This can help to avoid delays and ensure that the interview runs smoothly.
  1. Provide structure: Deadlines can help to provide structure to the interview process. By setting a time limit for each interview, interviewers can ensure that they cover all necessary topics and questions within the allotted time.
  2. Promote fairness: Deadlines can promote fairness by ensuring that all candidates are given equal amounts of time to showcase their skills and experience during the interview. This can help to reduce the risk of bias or discrimination.
  3. Facilitate planning: Deadlines can help candidates to plan and prepare for their interview. By knowing when their interview will take place, candidates can make sure they are available and can adequately prepare for the interview.
  4. Avoid scheduling conflicts: Deadlines can help to avoid scheduling conflicts that may arise during the interview process. By setting clear deadlines for the interview, candidates can plan their schedule accordingly and avoid conflicts with other appointments or commitments.
  5. Respect candidates' time: Deadlines show respect for candidates' time and demonstrate that the interviewer values their time as well. This can help to create a positive impression of the organization and encourage candidates to view the organization as a professional and respectful employer.
  6. Encourage time management skills: Deadlines can help to encourage time management skills in candidates. By providing clear deadlines for the interview, candidates are encouraged to manage their time effectively and arrive on time for the interview.

In conclusion, deadlines are an important component of online interviews. They help to encourage timeliness, provide structure, promote fairness, facilitate planning, avoid scheduling conflicts, show respect for candidates' time, and encourage time management skills. By using deadlines effectively in the interview process, organizations can ensure a smooth and efficient interviewing process that is respectful and fair to all candidates.

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🤖 SOON: Create online quizzes instantly with GPT

April 19, 2023

A few months ago we introduced our online assessment builder  and got a lot of positive feedback. However, before you utilize the builder you need to have your quiz ready in front of you. We solved this problem and we now allow generating an online assessment by typing a few words and start assessing online instantly!

This feature will be ready in May 2023 so please stay tuned!

Online quiz generation with AI is a modern tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create quizzes and assessments. This digital tool has revolutionized the way educators create assessments, making it faster, more efficient, and more accurate. In this article, we will explore the benefits of online quiz generation with AI.

Save time and effort

Online quiz generation with AI saves time and effort for educators. Instead of spending hours creating a quiz manually, educators can simply input the questions and let the AI generate the quiz. This tool can generate multiple quizzes in a matter of minutes, allowing educators to focus on other aspects of their job.

Despite we started with online quiz creation with AI, we also are looking into other aspects for AI integration:

Provide personalized assessments

One of the significant benefits of online quiz generation with AI is the ability to create personalized assessments. AI can analyze the performance of respondents and create assessments that are tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach helps respondents better understand the material and identify areas where they need to improve.

Increase accuracy

Online quiz generation with AI increases the accuracy of assessments. The AI algorithm can analyze the questions and answers to ensure that they are relevant and free of errors. This reduces the likelihood of mistakes and ensures that the assessments accurately measure the respondents' knowledge and understanding of the material.

Provide instant feedback

Online quiz generation with AI provides instant feedback to respondents. The AI algorithm can grade the assessments immediately and provide feedback to the respondents, highlighting areas where they did well and areas where they need to improve. This feedback helps respondents identify their strengths and weaknesses and make improvements in their learning.

Allow for data-driven decision-making

Online quiz generation with AI allows educators to make data-driven decisions. The AI algorithm can analyze the data collected from the assessments and provide insights into the respondents' performance. This information can help educators identify areas where they need to improve their teaching methods and adjust their curriculum to better meet the needs of their students.

In conclusion, online quiz generation with AI provides many benefits for educators and respondents alike. It saves time and effort, provides personalized assessments, increases accuracy, provides instant feedback, and allows for data-driven decision-making. By utilizing this tool, educators can create high-quality assessments that accurately measure respondents' knowledge and understanding of the material, leading to better learning outcomes.

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🔀 New feature: Question Randomizer

March 16, 2023

We are very excited to announce our brand new feature:  Question Randomizer!  Here is how it works.

You create a section with, let's say, 20 questions, each question worth 10 points. Turn the randomizer on and set it to 5. This means each respondent will get 5 random questions out of a total of 20 with 50 points max for the section.

To use this feature in Quilgo Forms, choose the desired section, click the puzzle piece icon as shown in the picture below and set the desired number.

Here are some benefits of question randomization in online assessments:

  1. It ensures fairness. Without question randomization, respondents could potentially share assessment questions with each other, giving some respondents an unfair advantage over others. By randomizing the order and selection of questions, each respondent receives a unique set of questions, making it much more difficult for respondents to share answers.
  2. It helps prevent cheating. When respondents know the order or content of questions in advance, they may have the opportunity to cheat by accessing answers before the assessment. Randomizing the questions ensures that respondents cannot predict the order or content of the assessment, making cheating much more difficult.
  3. It ensures that the assessment is valid and reliable. Validity refers to the extent to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure. Reliability refers to the consistency of results over time. By randomizing the questions, we ensure that each respondent is tested on the same content and that the assessment is consistent over time.
  4. It helps respondents to focus. When respondents know the order or content of questions in advance, they may be more likely to focus on certain topics or concepts, while neglecting others. By randomizing the questions, respondents are forced to pay equal attention to all topics, which helps to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.
  5. Makes it easier to analyze results. When questions are randomized, it is easier to compare the performance of respondents. If each respondent receives the same set of questions in the same order, it becomes much more difficult to compare results accurately.

In conclusion, question randomization is an important aspect of online assessments. It ensures fairness, prevents cheating, ensures validity and reliability, helps respondents focus, and makes it easier to analyze results. By using question randomization, we can ensure that online assessments are a fair and reliable way to assess respondent knowledge and understanding.

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👩‍💻 Screen tracking goes smarter

March 13, 2023

You might have noticed we are actively working on various bits at Quilgo.

This time we introduce the Smart Screen Tracking feature - it attempts to capture screenshots once unusual activity is detected and reports them. You can refer to our Docs  to see how screen tracking works.

Here is how screen proctoring can help:

Preventing cheating

One of the primary benefits of online assessment proctoring is that it can prevent cheating by respondents. Proctoring software can monitor respondents' behavior during exams, including recording their screen and webcam, flagging suspicious activities such as opening new tabs or attempting to copy and paste answers. This way, educators can ensure that the respondents are following the rules and not using external sources to complete their exams.


Online assessment proctoring is also convenient for respondents, as they can take the exam from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This flexibility can help reduce stress and anxiety, as respondents can take the exam in a comfortable environment without the pressure of a physical testing center.


Online assessment proctoring can also be cost-effective for educational institutions. Traditional in-person proctoring requires physical facilities and personnel to monitor the exams, which can be expensive. Online proctoring eliminates the need for physical facilities and personnel, reducing costs and allowing educators to allocate resources elsewhere.


Online assessment proctoring can also save time for educators. Traditional in-person proctoring requires scheduling and coordinating with respondents to take the exam at a specific time and place. With online proctoring, educators can simply provide the exam and let respondents take it on their own schedule. This allows educators to focus on other tasks, such as grading and providing feedback to respondents.

Improved accessibility

Finally, online assessment proctoring can improve accessibility for respondents with disabilities. Proctoring software can include accommodations such as screen readers and enlarged text, making exams more accessible for respondents with visual impairments. Online proctoring also eliminates physical barriers that may prevent respondents with mobility impairments from taking in-person exams.

In conclusion, online assessment proctoring provides many benefits for educational institutions and respondents alike. By preventing cheating, providing convenience, reducing costs and saving time, and improving accessibility, online proctoring can help ensure academic integrity and fairness in the evaluation process.

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