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Meet the new "Focused" quiz mode!

August 2, 2023

Quilgo Focused Quiz Mode

You asked us many times "Can I show one question at a time in my quizzes"? We can now proudly say "Yes, now you can". Our new "Focused" quiz mode not only renders a single question per page, but also allows navigating through the quiz seamlessly.

In online quizzes, it's better to show one question at a time rather than many questions together. This simple approach has several advantages that make learning easier and more effective. Let's explore why it's a good idea:

Pay Better Attention

When you see only one question, it's easier to focus and understand it. You won't get distracted or overwhelmed, which helps you give a better answer.

Less Stress

Having one question at a time lowers anxiety. You can take your time, think clearly, and answer without worrying about missing anything.

Remember More

By focusing on one question, you can remember the information better. It helps your brain make connections and keeps the knowledge in your mind longer.

No Guessing

When faced with multiple questions together, you might guess or pick randomly. But with one question at a time, you think more carefully and give honest answers.

Instant Feedback

Getting immediate feedback on each answer helps you learn faster. You know what you got right and where you need improvement.

Easy to Use

Online quizzes with one question at a time are user-friendly and enjoyable. You won't get confused, and they work well on phones and tablets too.

Summarizing, showing one question at a time in online quizzes is a smart choice. It helps you focus, remember better, and reduces stress. With immediate feedback and a friendly design, it makes learning more effective and enjoyable. So, next time you take an online quiz, remember the power of simplicity!

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