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👩‍💻 Screen tracking goes smarter

March 13, 2023

You might have noticed we are actively working on various bits at Quilgo.

This time we introduce the Smart Screen Tracking feature - it attempts to capture screenshots once unusual activity is detected and reports them. You can refer to our Docs  to see how screen tracking works.

Here is how screen proctoring can help:

Preventing cheating

One of the primary benefits of online assessment proctoring is that it can prevent cheating by respondents. Proctoring software can monitor respondents' behavior during exams, including recording their screen and webcam, flagging suspicious activities such as opening new tabs or attempting to copy and paste answers. This way, educators can ensure that the respondents are following the rules and not using external sources to complete their exams.


Online assessment proctoring is also convenient for respondents, as they can take the exam from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This flexibility can help reduce stress and anxiety, as respondents can take the exam in a comfortable environment without the pressure of a physical testing center.


Online assessment proctoring can also be cost-effective for educational institutions. Traditional in-person proctoring requires physical facilities and personnel to monitor the exams, which can be expensive. Online proctoring eliminates the need for physical facilities and personnel, reducing costs and allowing educators to allocate resources elsewhere.


Online assessment proctoring can also save time for educators. Traditional in-person proctoring requires scheduling and coordinating with respondents to take the exam at a specific time and place. With online proctoring, educators can simply provide the exam and let respondents take it on their own schedule. This allows educators to focus on other tasks, such as grading and providing feedback to respondents.

Improved accessibility

Finally, online assessment proctoring can improve accessibility for respondents with disabilities. Proctoring software can include accommodations such as screen readers and enlarged text, making exams more accessible for respondents with visual impairments. Online proctoring also eliminates physical barriers that may prevent respondents with mobility impairments from taking in-person exams.

In conclusion, online assessment proctoring provides many benefits for educational institutions and respondents alike. By preventing cheating, providing convenience, reducing costs and saving time, and improving accessibility, online proctoring can help ensure academic integrity and fairness in the evaluation process.

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