What is Quilgo?

Quilgo is a web-service (and also a Google Add-on) that allows you to embed a timer into your Google Forms and collect form submission time.

How to get started?

1. Set up your account

To get started with Quilgo you need to do 3 things:

  • Add Quilgo Add-on to your Google Form
  • Sign up with Quilgo web-service to access your Dashboard
  • Follow setup instructions in your Quilgo Dashboard

2. Import your Google Form

To import your Google Form you need to open Quilgo Add-on in your Google form and click the "Enable add-on" button. Then return to your Dashboard.

Please note, your form will be configured automatically to work with Quilgo:
  • A "Submission ID" text field will be created, it is required to log submission time.
  • Form authentication settings will be turned off.
  • "Edit after submit" and "Show link to submit another response" settings will be turned off.

3. Embed a timer by creating tests

To inject a timer into your Google Form your need to create tests and then send it to your respondents. Each test is unique. All tests have name, email, duration and some additional options.

To create tests click the "Create tests" button and fill in the form. You can create multiple tests at a time by pasting a batch of emails or contacts.

Important! Please note, each test is unique per respondent and must be delivered to a respondent privately. Please read below to learn how tests can be delivered.

4. Deliver the tests

Copy a "Check-in" link for your form and share it with your students. They will need to authenticate to access their tests.

5. Understand Quilgo Quota

Every time a student accesses a test for the first time, 1 quota is deducted. If you need to conduct 1000 tests per month you will need 1000 monthly quota.

To see our pricing plans, please visit this page.

Frequently asked questions

Does Quilgo work on mobile devices?
Tests - yes. Dashboard - not yet.

Quilgo tests are working on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in any modern popular browser. The Quilgo Dashboard is currently available for desktops and laptops only.

Can answers be submitted automatically?
No, it is technically not possible at the moment.

The answers cannot be submitted automatically, they can only be submitted when your respondents click the "Submit" button in the form. If you use the "Auto-close" option and the respondent doesn't submit the form in time, their answers will not be submitted and you will see a "Time over" badge next to the test in your Dashboard. If you are unsure, try to use tests without the "Auto-close" option, it allows to submit the form any time and the time will be still logged in your Dashboard.

Can I set a timer per each question?
No, it is technically not possible at the moment.

The timer is related to the whole form and cannot be enabled per sections or separate questions.

What is the Submission ID field in my form?
It is required to log submission time.

Once you enable the Add-on for your form, the Submission ID field will be created automatically. This field is required to allow Quilgo to fetch submission data. You don't need to fill it in, this field will be pre-populated automatically for each respondent.

Do tests ever expire?
By themselves - no.

No, tests never expire until the form is open or either the test or the form is deleted.

What does "Always in focus" or "unfocused" mean in my Dashboard?
It counts how many times respondents leave the form.

While this is an experimental feature, you still may find it useful to get the idea on how focused your respondent was while filling out the form. "Unfocused" shows the amount of times the respondent left the form, for example, opened another tab, application or window.

When I use camera tracking feature it says "Camera report unavailable"
That may be expected.

There are several reasons why this could happen: unsupported browser, slow Internet connection or problems with a webcam.

While this may sound like a great feature, we do not yet support that. We may develop this feature in the future though.

How much does it cost?
Quilgo is a freemium service.

You can import unlimited amount of forms and use most of the features for free. However, there are some limitations and some features are paid. For more information and pricing please click here.

How do I unsubscribe from a trial or a premium plan?
You can do that via your Quilgo Dashboard.

To unsubscribe please:

  1. Go to your Quilgo Dashboard
  2. Click your email address at the top right corner
  3. Choose "Your plan"
  4. Click "Unsubscribe" and follow the instructions

How do I close my account?
You can do that via your Quilgo Dashboard.

To close your account please:

  1. Go to your Quilgo Dashboard
  2. Click your email address at the top right corner
  3. Choose "Account"
  4. Click "Close account" at the very bottom of the popup and follow the instructions

Please note, this operation cannot be reverted.

Are you COPPA compliant?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Please refer to Paragraph 9 of our Privacy Policy for more details.


While we are constantly improving Quilgo to deliver the better experience to both you and your respondents, we have several technical limitations that we have to deal with. Please see the possible issues and tips on how to avoid them below.

I do not see "Configure" button in the Add-on

This is Google bug. Please try to refresh your Google Form page a few times.

I do not receive a confirmation email

Please check if you registered with a correct email. If yes, please check your spam folder. If not, please register with a correct email.

I receive a permission error when I try to setup the Add-on

This is a known issue with Google permissions. Please log out your Google account, then log in back and try again - that usually helps. If it does not help, please try another browser or Guest/Incognito mode.

It does not seem that time is actually logged

There could be several reasons for that.

  • The Submission ID field was removed from your form. This field is required to allow Quilgo to fetch submission data. Please do not remove or modify this field or the submission time will not be logged. We will attempt to restore the field automatically if we detect its absence.
  • Your respondents modify the text in the Submission ID field. We did our best to provide as clear instructions as possible, however, it is technically impossible for us to control this field. If you think that this might be the reason, please ask your respondents to simply skip this field and do not modify it.

Authorization emails are not being delivered

The most common reason for that is spam filters. It is common for organisations to set rules against spam, however, they sometimes cut "good" emails off as well. If you think that this might be the reason, please contact your system administrator and ask them if emails from Quilgo have been recently blocked.

My respondents cannot upload files to my Google Form

Unfortunately, Quilgo does not yet support file uploading in Google Forms.

Issue with Google Authentication

When your Google Form is configured to require your respondents to authenticate via Google, this will unfortunately not work with Quilgo. This is why we attempt to turn these settings off when you enable the Quilgo Add-on for your Google Form. However, sometimes it is not possible for us to turn these settings off for you or these settings may be turned back on later by form owners. In this case we send you a notification suggesting to turn these settings off manually. Please note, Quilgo's own authentication layer will remain to be present.

Sincerely yours,
Quilgo Team.