About Quilgo

How to add timer in Google Forms?

Quilgo allows you to create tests by embedding a timer in your Google Forms via its Google Forms Add-on. The easiest way is to install the add-on and follow instructions on the screen to create your own Quilgo dashboard where you manage your online tests and send them to your respondents.

How Quilgo works?

Quilgo creates online tests links per each respondent. Each link contains a simple welcome page and a button to start a test. Once a test is started it looks exactly like a native Google Form, but with a timer on the top of the page. You may also enable camera and screen tracking for online proctoring.

Each test can be delivered to your respondents either via direct email links or via a single link where they will need to authenticate to access their online tests.

How to install Quilgo?

  1. Add Quilgo Add-on to your Google Form
  2. Go to your Google Forms and open a form you would like to use with Quilgo
  3. Click the puzzle  icon and click "Configure". Follow the instructions on the screen to finis the setup.

Can Quilgo track time?

Yes, Quilgo can show a timer in Google Forms and track time.

What is Quilgo automated proctoring?

Quilgo allows you to require tracking web camera and/or screen in your Google Forms and provides you with reports once a test is over.

Can I collaborate with my team?

Yes, Quilgo allows to you to invite as many team members as you like, share forms with them and analytics.

Can I set a specific time for my online tests?

Yes, you can. This might be specifically useful for online exams.

How do I send tests to my respondents?

There are 2 methods to do so. After you pre-create online tests you can either share a single link which requires respondents to authenticate to their tests, or you can send tests links directly via email in bulk.

Can I download a spreadsheet with Quilgo stats?

Yes, you can download a spreadsheet for furhter analytics per each Google Form in your Quilgo dashboard.

Can I connect my Google Classroom?

Yes, you can connect Google Classroom with Quilgo to speed up your online tests creation process.

Can I brand my forms?

Yes, you can add a logo and custom colors to the authentication and welcoming screens.

Technical Questions

What is the Submission ID field in my form?

Once you enable the Add-on for your form, the Submission ID field will be created automatically. This field is required to allow Quilgo to fetch submission data. You don't need to fill it in, this field will be pre-populated automatically for each respondent.

Does Quilgo work on mobile devices?

Quilgo tests are working on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in any modern popular browser. The Quilgo Dashboard is currently available for desktops and laptops only.

Can answers be submitted automatically?

The answers cannot be submitted automatically, they can only be submitted when your respondents click the "Submit" button in the form. If you use the "Auto-close" option and the respondent doesn't submit the form in time, their answers will not be submitted and you will see a "Time over" badge next to the test in your Dashboard. If you are unsure, try to use tests without the "Auto-close" option, it allows to submit the form any time and the time will be still logged in your Dashboard.

Can I set a timer per each question?

In Quilgo classic version the timer is related to the whole form and cannot be enabled per sections or separate questions. However, we are currently building the experimental "Quilgo Forms" solution which allows to do so. If you are intereseted in this feature, please login into your dashboard to contact us.

Do tests ever expire?

No, tests never expire until the form is open or either the test or the form is deleted.

What does "Always in focus" or "unfocused" mean in my Dashboard?

"Unfocused" shows the amount of times the respondent left the form, for example, opened another tab, application or window.

Pricing & Billing

Is Quilgo a paid service?

Yes, Quilgo is a paid service with a free trial. You do not need to pay or provide your payment details to try Quilgo.

How much does Quilgo cost?

You can import unlimited amount of forms and use most of the features for free. However, there are some limitations and some features are paid. For more information and pricing please click here.

How do I unsubscribe from a paid plan?

To unsubscribe please:

  1. Go to your Quilgo Dashboard
  2. Click your email address at the top right corner
  3. Choose "Your plan"
  4. Click "Unsubscribe" and follow the instructions
Account & Privacy

How do I close my account?

To close your account please:

  1. Go to your Quilgo Dashboard
  2. Click your email address at the top right corner
  3. Choose "Account"
  4. Click "Close account" at the very bottom of the popup and follow the instructions

Please note, this operation cannot be reverted.

Are you COPPA compliant?

Please refer to Paragraph 9 of our Privacy Policy for more details.


I do not see "Configure" button in the Add-on

This is Google bug. Please try to refresh your Google Form page a few times.

I receive a permission error when I try to setup the Add-on

This is a known issue with Google permissions and it happens when you are logged in with more than one Google account. Try to sign out of all account except your main account. Alternatively, try Guest/Incognito mode.

I do not receive an account confirmation email

Please check if you registered with a correct email. If yes, please check your spam folder. If not, please register with a correct email.

My respondents do not recieve emails

The most common reason for that is spam filters. It is common for organisations to set rules against spam, however, they sometimes cut "good" emails off as well. If you think that this might be the reason, please contact your system administrator and ask them if emails from Quilgo have been recently blocked.

Time is not logged and I see "Time over"

There could be 2 main reasons for that:

  • The Submission ID field was removed from your form. This field is required to allow Quilgo to fetch submission data. Please do not remove or modify this field or the submission time will not be logged. We will attempt to restore the field automatically if we detect its absence.
  • Your respondents modify the text in the Submission ID field. We did our best to provide as clear instructions as possible, however, it is technically impossible for us to control this field without breaching Google Terms of Service. If you think that this might be the reason, please ask your respondents to simply skip this field and do not modify it.

My respondents cannot upload files to my Google Form

Unfortunately, Quilgo does not yet support file uploading in Google Forms.

Issue with Google Authentication

When your Google Form is configured to require your respondents to authenticate via Google, this will unfortunately not work with Quilgo. This is why we attempt to turn these settings off when you enable the Quilgo Add-on for your Google Form. However, sometimes it is not possible for us to turn these settings off for you or these settings may be turned back on later by form owners. In this case we send you a notification suggesting to turn these settings off manually. Please note, Quilgo's own authentication layer will remain to be present.

When I use camera tracking feature it says "Camera report unavailable"

There are several reasons why this could happen: unsupported browser, slow Internet connection or problems with access to a webcam or screen.

Tests score is not shown in Quilgo

Unfortunately, Google does not allow to calculate precise score for tests with questions of type Grid or Checkbox Grid. If you form contains such question types, we are not able to calculate the score and thus cannot show it.

Experimental Technologies

What is Quilgo Forms?

Quilgo Forms is our own service for conducting online tests. The experience is quite similar to Google Forms, but Quilgo Forms include some great features like ability to auto-submit the form, track time for each question, auto-saving drafts etc.

If you choose to use Quilgo Forms, your Google Forms will stay as-is and will be used as a form builder. The responses will be stored at Quilgo.

Please note, Quilgo Forms are in Beta testing at the moment and may not support some features of Google Forms such as some question types, for example, Checkbox Grids. This means, not all Google Forms are supported at the moment.

How do I sync my Google Form with Quilgo Forms?

If you change your Google form and want to sync it with the Quilgo Forms you would only need to click the "Sync" link in our Google Forms Add-on and check the results of the sync in your Quilgo Dashboard by hovering the 

 icon next to the Quilgo Forms badge. It may take a few minutes to sync.

How do I switch back from Quilgo Forms to Google Forms?

If you need to change Quilgo Forms back to Google Forms you would need to:

  1. Download responses in the Excel format for the form at your Quilgo Dashboard (recommended)
  2. Unlink the form at your Quilgo Dashboard
  3. Go to the original Google Form, open the Quilgo Add-on and re-sync with Quilgo

Sincerely yours,
Quilgo Team.