Quilgo® Demo Quiz

Quilgo® Demo Quiz

This is a demo quiz built with Quilgo. It shows the most popular features and lets you experience the quiz-taking process, how reporting works and more.

  • For: Education, Recruiters, Businesses
  • Questions: 6 (randomized from 7-question bank)
  • Duration: 10 min
  • Customizable: Yes
  • AI proctoring supported: Yes

How does it work?

This online test is powered by Quilgo, an online assessment platform that allows you to build and conduct professional online quizzes with ease.

All quizzes including Quilgo® Demo Quiz comprise the following features:

  • Question randomization
  • Options shuffling
  • AI screen & camera proctoring
  • Auto-save & Auto-submission
  • Reporting & analytics and more

Learn more  and see how Quilgo works in depth.

Quilgo: AI online assessment platform for recruiters

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