Quilgo® Cognitive Aptitude Test Online Assessment

This is a an improved version of CCAT - an educational and pre-employment aptitude test that measures an individual's ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. Fully customizable. Extensible. Handcrafted by Quilgo.

  • Questions: 15
  • Duration: 15 minutes

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Quilgo Customer Canva
Talent Operations & Insights Partner
Quilgo Customer Canva
“Quilgo provided us with the ability to evaluate various aspects of the craft, particularly the speed of assessment, a key metric of the role, while maintaining the integrity of the challenge."
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Quilgo Customer Unilag
Maruff Akinwale Oladejo
Senior Lecturer @ University of Lagos
“Quilgo has been very helpful for me in conducting successful virtual exams in a secure environment. In this era of artificial intelligence, I strongly recommend it to everyone in academia."
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View and download personal and quiz reports

View quiz responses and download them in CSV or open personal reports and print them as PDF.

Reports include:

  • Respondent's identity
  • Score and time
  • Tracking information
  • Questions and answers
Quilgo Google Forms Integration

View quiz responses and according data for a bigger picture. Dive into personal reports for deeper analytics.

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Once a respondent answers a question their progress is auto-saved. Once the test is over their response is submitted automatically. This handles unfortunate cases with a weak Internet connection, power outage, or other technical issues.

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Enable non-invasive tools to discourage cheating. Turn camera tracking and screen recording on to detect unfair behavior.

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Save time on grading multiple-choice and checkbox questions. Score open-ended questions manually and keep it flexible.

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Discover group performance and knowledge gaps in quiz reports and view and automatically share personal reports.

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